Content & Media

Developing integrated media and content strategies to support recruitment and organisational goals and policies, including:

  • Writing an identifying content to engage and attract candidates (including content that is already produced and approved internally)
  • Identifying the appropriate channels and platforms for content dissemination and measurement
  • Advising on global trends, opportunities and innovations
  • Designing and advising on career web pages

Experience & Clients

Together with a Bachelor qualification in Public Relations, Jody has five years experience writing content for The Resource Channel and articles for publications such as The International Resource Journal, Paydirt, MiningIQ, BOOM Magazine and the Oil & Gas magazine.

The Resource Channel was listed in the top ten of Mining Blogs by Mining Australia in 2011:

Jody Elliot and Lisa Costa constantly delight us with their straight talking, regularly updated blog specific to mining recruitment and talent. The Blog enables Australian resource sector employers to communicate information about jobs, projects, sites, awarded contracts, terms and conditions, career tips and advice, and on a range of other topics that can’t always be shared on traditional career websites and print advertising.  Seeking work in the resource sector? This is the blog for you”. Editor, Mining Australia,

Client sessions and presentations have been made to companies such as Inpex, Santos, Chevron, Rio Tinto and Woodside.


Presenting at the Australasian Oil and Gas Conference