Job Market Research

Providing organisations with best practice tools, strategies and research to better understand, engage and attract talent. Services include:

  • Conducting blind or branded job market surveys to determine candidate preferences against a range of criteria.
  • Undertaking extensive global, national and local research of the skills supply and demand, including competitor analysis.
  • Presenting latest market insights, trends and innovations to recruitment and management teams.

Experience & Clients

In her role as Managing Director of The Resource Channel, Jody led the design and execution of a number of major industry/employer surveys.
One was a resource industry first, with a number of mining projects in Queensland launching a major on-line survey called ‘The Face of Mining is Changing’. The purpose of the survey was to determine the level of interest from trainees, semi-skilled, female and Indigenous participants, together with those already working in the industry for fly in, fly out opportunities from Brisbane.

The Resource Channel was engaged to design and conduct the survey on behalf of several Queensland resource projects at different stages of approvals, including all advertising, question design and reporting.

In a significant departure from traditional recruitment approaches, major mining projects sought job market feedback ahead of time to better plan to meet workforce expectations and challenges. The projects were also unique in that they were mainly targeting entry level candidates, including a high number of women.

The survey was a significant improvement in recruitment and job market engagement as it actively supported the need identified in the “The Government’s National Resource Sector Employment Taskforce” report of 2010 for greater transparency around entry level opportunities. The survey enabled those seeking to enter the industry, or already working in it, the opportunity to tell the industry who they were, together with the type of employment, rosters and work conditions they were seeking at the time.

Those completing the survey also had the option of submitting their contact details. If and when projects were approved, survey respondents were then advised and invited to release their details for subsequent consideration for job opportunities.

Traditionally, organisations move through the approvals process of projects and then launch a recruitment drive without first understanding the availability of skills to meet their needs. The survey enabled a number of projects in Queensland to better plan the people component of their project requirements, recruitment strategies, training programs, rosters and FIFO arrangements in readiness for project approval.

Recent presentations on job market trends, innovations and skill supply and demand:

  • Australasian Oil and Gas Conference 2012
  • Woodside 2012
  • ConocoPhillips 2012
  • Santos 2012
  • Chevron 2013
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