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Since 2011, Jody has written regular articles on skills, sourcing and job market trends in the Australian resource sector for publications such as The International Resource Journal, Paydirt Magazine, The Oil & Gas Magazine and BOOM Magazine. She has also been a regular commentator on these issues in other media reports.

The following articles were published in The International Resource Journal, the Oil & Gas Magazine and Paydirt Magazine:

  • Australia to increase migration for skilled workers, August 2011
  • I hate Social Media, September 2011
  • Job Market overlooked as Major Stakeholder, October 2011
  • The China Factor, November 2011
  • Options expand for Australian FIFO workers, December 2011
  • The Problem with Australia’s Skill Development Efforts, February 2012
  • 2012 Mining, Oil & Gas Project Overview, March 2012
  • The World May Not Be Big Enough To Solve Australia’s Resourcing Issue, April 2012
  • Turnover Concerns for Miners, June 2012
  • The National Apprenticeships Program, August 2012
  • Is Obesity the greatest safety risk in mining?, September 2012
  • Australia: Is the Party Over?, October 2012
  • Australia in the Global LNG Context, February 2013
  • Is the future of mining remote controlled?, March 2013
  • Australian Boom Town Feels Chill of Commodity Price Decline, 20014

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In addition, Jody has written the following thought leadership papers for Harrier Human Capital: